Mother’s Day gift guide 2021- best gift ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here and now is the perfect time to start shopping. Mother’s Day is a day that is monumentally known to celebrate mothers and their hard work for taking care of their families. I like to view Mother’s Day as one of the days of the year that moms get a free pass to do whatever they want to do. That could be absolutely nothing, to dinner and a movie, to shopping, to sleeping all day. At the end of the day, every mother should feel loved, showered, and appreciated.

Go all out for Mother’s Day

When I say, go all out- I mean go all our. Shower her with love, appreciation, and gifts. Make sure to actually buy things that she will like. No mother wants to get gifts on Mother’s Day that she doesn’t like. I am an avid shopper and there is no greater hurt than getting a gift that is not your style and doesn’t represent you at all. Now, I do get the effort component, but let’s be real… if you are buying a gift for the woman that raised you, raised your kids, or is out here raising other kids, the least you can do is get them something they like.

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Black Mixed With Tee from Beahive Boutique

Shop Small Businesses to shop at for Mother’s Day

Small businesses have been hit the hardest over the past year. It is so important to make sure that we support small businesses to help build them up, give back to our local communities, and to support the hustlers out here trying to make income for their families. I am an avid small business shopper and I have built so many relationships with business owners because of their unique brands. Small businesses are full of unique and cute items that are perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, shop at a small business for your gifts. Here’s my list of my favorite small businesses that have great gifts for you.


Every woman can use new clothes! After having babies and hitting a certain age, our bodies begin to change. We always need new clothes. Some of my favorite clothing stores are here:

Beahive Boutique by LaShaunte Beathea

Beahive Boutique is a family brand that shares the beauty and prominence of black culture and history. They have statement tees to remind the world the black history shouldn’t be confined to one month but should be celebrated everyday. Grab one of their bold statement tees now.

Ego Kouture by Shalene Dixon

Ego Kouture where Everybody Got One (EGO). This is one of my favorite shop. My closet is filled with Ego Kouture dresses and two piece sets. Their clothes are fashionable and fits mom bodies perfectly. Go check out her clothes and tell her Beahive Queen sent you!

Waist Watchers activewear x Brittany Flippen

Waist Watchers Activewear is a fitness line of clothing for the women that like to workout or just wear cute workout clothes. It is an extension of her fitness brand Fit Wit Britt. In addition to clothes, she has a line of fitness products perfect for any woman trying to get in shape or just stay healthy. Go check out her clothes and tell her Beahive Queen sent you.

In addition to these three, her are some more of my favorite small companies that have great products for the woman in your life. So support these businesses and let me know what you bought.

Melanated Nails x Custom Press On Nails

Nu Essence x Natural Skin Care

The Keto Bombshell x Women’s Shape Wear

Chic Poodle x Statement Jewelry

Magnetic Eyelashes x Sharlandria

Avon Glam Chic x Avon Cosmetics

Femme Frames x Stylish Shades

This is just a small list of businesses that I have shopped with personally and adore! They all have great service, quality products, and beautiful brands. For more shopping ideas, visit my Amazon Storefront and my other shopping guides.


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