why airbnb is best for traveling with toddlers

Rent an airbnb for your next large family trip

We recently traveled to North Carolina for a Easter family trip and it was sooo needed! In a normal world, my family would get together multiple times a year. Since COVID we have only all been together for a few times and that’s a big adjustment for us. I come from a very large and close knit family and social distancing is nearly impossible for us. Anytime we all travel, we need a place that can accommodate at-least 20 people. For these trips we almost always opt to rent a house from AirBnB.

#1 AirBnb is Affordable for large groups.

We like to get the biggest bang for our buck so we look for the most affordable option for everyone. AirBnB’s rates range from low to high depending on the area you are traveling to and the time of year. We typically end up paying the higher prices because of the amount of people we have traveling but we always divide that amount by the number of adults and we pay accordingly. The gives us all equal pay amounts so each sub-family pays equally- no matter how many kids you have.

#2 Privacy & Space.

It’s no secret that my family is big. In addition to having a big family, we have a lot of kids. Kids need space to be kids and the adults need the privacy to do adult things. Choosing an AirBnB allows us to let the kids run around and the adults to have game night and enjoy some good drinks.

#3 Support other families and businesses.

Most AirBnB’s are operated by families and small business owners trying to make income for their family. Everytime we book their homes to stay in, we are being revenue to their homes. It is so important to support small businesses and any support goes a long way.

#4 Living Local

Have you ever stayed in a new city then get home and realize that you didn’t get out and explore the city enough? That happens to me so much and I now make an effort to get out and explore. Choose a house that is in a nice neighborhood so that you can get more of the local experience. When you search “food near me” on your phone you will get more local places to pop up.

#5 Memories, memories, memories

Memories last a lifetime. Again, my family is large and we haven’t done sleep overs since we were kids. Choosing an AirBnB gives us the chance to relive our childhood and have the ULTIMATE sleepover that we’ve never had. It also gives our children the chance to have the sleepovers that we used to have as kids. We all live in different states, so being able to share a house together for a few days helps to bring us closer and build better bonds with each other.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a nice hotel to stay at from time to time. But, when it comes to large family trips, renting a house is the best way to go. Catch up on our other travel tips and let me know if they worked for you.


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