Best Places to Visit in FORT WORTH with your Toddler

It’s time for family trips and you want to make sure that Fort Worth is on your list if you have toddlers. It is the 13th largest city in the United States and it is still growing. It is also known for its Texas hospitality and cultural district. If you have toddlers, this is the place you want to be for your next family trip. There are so many different toddler friendly activities and attractions that is sure to make your next family trip, the best vacation ever. Although theses attractions are geared towards small children, they are still perfect for children of all ages.

Getting to Fort Worth

Fort Worth is located 25 miles away from the DFW Airport and about 33 miles away from the DAL airport. Both airports are relatively easier to travel to and you can get there by car, train, or bus. Traffic is relatively smooth, with the exception of the ongoing constructions. Don’t let this deter you though. There are plenty of highways to avoid traffic and you can use the toll ways, if you choose.


Here are our favorite places to visit here in Fort Worth with our toddlers. Our girls love these places and can spend all day there if we let them

A Little Further Out

Now if you’ve been to the DFW area before then you know that this metroplex is gigantic. There are so many other attractions that would be great for your toddlers too if you are up to traveling a little bit further. Here are a few more of our favorite places to take our toddlers in the DFW Metroplex

Next time you’re in TX, come to the DFW area and experience the hospitality and culture here. Let us know when you visit and it this guide is helpful. Check out our other travel tips.

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