4 Awesome Tips You Need to Start Your T-Shirt Business

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Starting a t-shirt business was initially a hobby for me. I started out making custom t-shirts at home for my friends and family. After a year, my hobby turned into a business and 4 years later we have grown tremendously. Pretty much anyone can start a t-shirt business. There are so many tools and resources available that make taking the plunge easy and so fulfilling. After 4 years in business, I have 4 awesome tips you need to start your t-shirt business.

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Start Your T-shirt Business

Brainstorm your ideas.

This is the absolute first step. It’s really easy to take time and think about what you want to do, but you need to put it on paper. I have found that the old school method of physically writing ideas out helps to have a successful brain dump session. When I write out my ideas, I like to use my Levenger TrueWriter Classic Sparkle Rollerball Pen . Brainstorming stimulates your mind and helps to channel your creativity. It gives perspective and vision to your thoughts and ideas. During your brainstorming session, you should write out why you want to start a t-shirt business, who do you want to target, what type of t-shirt process will you use, and the message you want to convey to your target audience.

 Leverenger Pen

The Levenger TrueWriter Classic Sparkle Rollerball Pen is hands down the best pen and it’s very comfortable to write with when I am doing a brainstorm session. Plus, it comes with the Carrie Leather Pen Case to keep it safe and readily available to write with.

Research, Research, Research.

Just like any other big decision you make, you have to do your research to know the pros and cons of each decision you make. Do not attempt this before your brainstorm though. It’s important to research after your brainstorm so you don’t get side tracked and can focus better on the subjects you are researching. In the research phase you can determine what type of business structure you would like to start as, what methods of t-shirt printing you would like to utilize, the cost of making t-shirts, plus everything else you had questions about during your brainstorm session.

Research can be tedious, so I suggest breaking it down by topics. This will allow you to absorb the information in pieces. When I do my research, I find it easier to put my iPad on my HoverBar Duo. The HoverBar is an adjustable iPad stand that allows you to be more hands free. Instead of sitting at a computer or holding my iPad, I can research while taking notes or while cooking dinner. The HoverBar Duo has a weighted base and a shelf clamp to give you multiple options on using your iPad for research.

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Plan your time.

Starting a t-shirt business is not a race, it’s a marathon. You want your brand to grow organically and build life long customers. This takes time. Once you are done researching, give yourself a realistic time to test products and build brand awareness. Everything in your plan to start your t-shirt business should have a due date so that you can stay on track to getting your business up and running. You should make weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

Along with those goals you should take time everyday to do something for your t-shirt business. For me, this was dedicating two hours per day to starting my business. To stay on track, I use my G-SHOCK GMAS2100. This G-SHOCK watch is very versatile and can match almost every outfit. It is slim, stylish, and 200M water resistant. This watch is apart of the Transparent Rose Gold Collection where it combines clear and rose gold. It has the date and time on the watch so that I can stay on track with my goals and keep up with the time I’m spending doing different tasks.

Get Started!

After you have brainstormed, researched, and planned your time- it’s time to get started! When you get started- test, test-test! Test everything. Choose different brands of shirts, different colors, and different materials and test them all out to see what you like. This step brings all of the brainstorming and research to life. The best way to test is to make your first t-shirt and wear it.

The easiest way to make your first t-shirt is to use the Cricut Air Explorer 3. The all new Cricut Air Explorer 3 is a cutting machine perfect for making t-shirts. It can cut 100+ materials such as vinyl, iron-on glitter paper, iron-on vinyl, and so much more. It is also compatible with 6 tools for cutting, foiling, writing and so much more! You can make a t-shirt in minutes as it cuts iron-on vinyl up to 2X faster than its predecessor.

The Cricut Air Explorer 3 is the perfect machine to start your t-shirt business. Once you create your shirt, wear it a few times, wash it a few times, and make any necessary adjustments. Then, you are ready to launch your t-shirt business! As you continue to grow and build your customer base, collect feedback from each customer.

Their feedback is very important because that will help you to make adjustments and service your customer’s needs. These are 4 awesome tips you need to start your t-shirt business. The t-shirt business is a very fulfilling space to be in. You get to be yourself and be as creative as you want to be. I hope these tips helped you to take the journey to start a t-shirt business.

If you like these tips, tell me how helpful they were in the comments. If you need more advice on what helps me to run my t-shirt business, check out my other Lifestyle Blogs.

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