Best Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

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Easter is one of our favorite holidays of the year. The weather is perfect, we go shopping, and my kids get to get new goodies! As a mom, my favorite activity is to make my girls Easter baskets. This year we’re doing a non-candy Easter basket to switch things up. Here are the best non-candy Easter basket stuffers your kids will love.

Non Candy Easter Basket Blues Clues Easter Basket

Blues Clues & You!

Every Easter basket should include a book! Holidays books are the best because more than likely your kids hasn’t read it yet. This is a great way to introduce a new book to your kids and help them practice new words. The Hoppy Easter Blue Board Book is perfect for toddlers. It is a cute illustrated board book with very sturdy pages that star Blue, Josh, the Blue’s Clues & You! gang. It is an easy reader and my girls love that we paired it with the Blue’s Clues & You Peek-A-Blue Plush! When you squeeze Blue’s belly she barks and plays Peek-A-Boo! If you have toddlers and preschoolers, this is perfect for screen-free play. These can both be purchased at Walmart & Amazon.

Roller Derby Fun Roll Skates

Fun Roll Skates

A child’s first pair of skates is always a magical moment! Skates are the best way to get your kids outside & active. My oldest was so excited to get her first pair of skates. Once we got all of her protective gear on it only took a few tries until she was skating on her own. The Roller Derby Fun Roll Skates are the best beginner skate for toddlers. They are adjustable skates up to 4 sizes & they have high quality urethane wheels for skating indoors and outdoors. The Roller Derby Fun Roll Skates also has a low center of gravity for more balance and safety so that your toddlers fall less. Check out their full collection here and let’s get rolling!

Disney Hits

For those rainy Spring days that you can’t go outside, you can never go wrong with the Disney Hits Playlist. It is a playlist of all things Disney! This playlist has songs from all of Disney’s hits including film soundtracks and television series. This is sure to turn a rainy day into a party.

Disney Hits

The Disney Hits playlist is available on your favorite streaming service. I also taught my girls to ask Alexa to play Disney Hits so they can turn it on whenever they want. Start listening now on your favorite streaming service.


If your kids are like mine- then they make random noise all of the time! Soundiculous is the perfect game to put into their Easter basket this year. Soundiculous is just as ridiculous as it sounds. It will have the whole house filled with laughter. It is a game full of funny sounds and to win, you just need to get the most points by making and guessing different sounds. The sound ranges from easy to medium to hard and the first person to guess the sound first wins the points.


P.S. The kids always win because mom & dad can’t figure out some of the sounds that kids make. This game is perfect for family game night & days where you can’t go outside. Grab it on Amazon & on Moose Toys!

Little Live Pets


No Easter basket is complete without a light up toy. Little Live Pets are my favorite. Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon has suction feet to stick to any table so your little ones cannot knock it over. She also lights up with her mood and responds to your love and attention with over 30+ sounds.

Sunny goes into a party mood and flashes to the beat of the music and when she is super happy & she sings. She encourages kids to be “One in a Chameleon”- dance to your own beat! She is even talks back. My oldest is a very shy kid and the Bright Light Chameleon has helped her to come out of her shell. Sunny can be found at Amazon, Target & Wal-Mart!


The best thing you can do for you children on Easter is let them know you love them. Every holiday does not have to have gifts. You can also use the holiday as ways to reconnect and show your kids how much you love them. A great way to do this is to leave them notes. My Wish4U has Holiday Notes From Me!® Easter Facts & Funnies and Lunch Notes From Me!® Zany Facts & Zingers are perfect for Easter baskets and lunch boxes.

Lunch Notes From Me!® Zany Facts & Zingers are easy tear off notes for kids. They include funny jokes, interesting facts, and they have a blank backside for you to write your own notes on. Holiday Notes From Me!® Easter Facts & Funnies are Easter themed and have funny jokes too. They have facts about Easter and is a really inexpensive gift for your kids. It you’re a teacher this is a great way to teach students about the holiday too! Stick them in your kids lunch box, on their mirror, or in their Easter basket. You can purchase them here.

Having a non candy Easter basket is definitely something you should try this year. Ditch the sweets & give your kids something they can use over and over again. If you love these ideas comment & let us know. Also, check out our other Motherhood posts for more tips and raising your children in happy homes.

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