How To Etch Glass With Your Cricut Joy

Mother’s Day is almost here & if you’re like me, you like to do some DIY crafts for gifts. A Cricut cutting machine is my normal go-to to personalize Mother’s Day gifts and for this one I will show you how to etch a glass vase.

The steps are really simple and not as hard as you may think! To etch glass with your Cricut Joy, you will need:

The very first step is to find an image in Cricut Design Space to put on the glass. I chose the “Best Mom Ever” design I found in the premade images. Once you pick a design (or make a design), resize it to fit the size of the glass you will be etching on. Then click “Make It”.

The next few step will help you cut out the design. After you click “Make It” this next screen will pop up. If your new to Cricut, you will need to:

  • Choose how you will load your material, for this project we are using Smart Vinyl so the option will be “without mat”
  • Click Continue
  • Verify the size one more time
  • Click continue
  • Connect to your Cricut Joy
  • Load the Smart Vinyl & cut out the design
  • Weed out the excess

Etching Process

Before you start the etching process, make sure to clean off the glass with an alcohol wipe and left it dry. Place the Cricut Transfer Tape over the vinyl to pull it off of the backing of the Cricut Smart Vinyl. Then place your vinyl on the glass in the position that you want it in.

Now you’re ready to etch it! Apply your etching cream over the design making sure not to spill it and put it outside of the design because everything you put the etching cream will be etched. Once you’ve applied a thick layer of etching cream let it sit for 3 minutes. You may also check the directions that came with your etching cream and follow those.

After 3 minutes, run the glass under running water to rinse off all of the etching cream. Once the etching cream has been completely rinsed off remove the vinyl from the glass and it is now etched.

And that’s how you etch glass! It’s was really simple and I know you can do this. Grab your materials and etch some glass. Use these instructions and let me know how it turned out. For more crafting ideas, check out our Cricut Projects .

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