5+ Cricut Tools You Need To Have

If you just got your Cricut cutting machine and don’t know what accessories you need to go with it, I’m here to help you. I’ve been using my machine since 2018 and I’m sure I have every single accessory or tool made to help complete projects. Over the dozens of tools I’ve accumulated over the years, I have created a list of my top favorites that you will need to complete most of your projects.

Each tool listed has the tool linked from the Cricut online store so you can easily access it & buy. I do earn a small commission from Cricut for all purchases made so make sure to use these links.

Now for the good stuff! Here are my favorite tools that I use for my projects and that you need to buy right now!

7 pc Tool Set | Cricut Essentials Tool Kit

This is the ULTIMATE Cricut tools kit that every Cricut user needs. It includes the basic essentials that you will need for just about every craft project. This tool kit includes:

  • Tweezers to lift and secure delicate material
  • Weeder to remove tiny negative cuts
  • Scissors with protective blade cover
  • Spatula to lift cuts from the mat
  • Scraper to burnish material and clean all cutting mats
  • Scoring stylus to add fold lines to cards and envelopes
  • High-quality trimmer for materials up to 12″ wide
  • Replacement blade for the trimmer
  • Scoring blade allows you to add score lines to your projects

These tools will allow you to handle vinyl, cardstock, iron-on (HTV) and so much more.

12″ x 12″ Cutting Mats Variety Pack

Now, this this the read deal. Cover all your cutting needs and save a good chunk of change with this variety pack of machine mats, which covers a wide range of cutting materials, from delicate paper to heavier specialty cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and more. As the interface between your material and your Cricut machine, each reusable mat holds your material in place as it’s cut, and makes it easy to cleanly remove finished pieces once a cut is complete.

Generally, you would one need one mat, but depending on the project you may need all 3 mats.

Don’t forget, cutting mats are not needed for *Smart Materials.

Each mat is formulated to ensure the best possible adhesion and the longest possible life. For use with Cricut Maker® and Cricut Explore® cutting machines. Here is how to use each mat:

  • LightGrip Mat for standard paper, light cardstock, and vellum
  • StandardGrip for heavy cardstock, iron-on, and vinyl
  • StrongGrip for specialty cardstock, matboard, backed fabric, and more.

I definitely suggest the bundle since more projects are at most 12″ x 12″; other wise you can get the 12″ x 24″ Cutting Mat Variety Pack.

Make sure to keep the clear film cover on the mat when storing to keep mat free from paper scraps and dust. Every once in a while you may still need to replace your mats because they will accumulate scrap pieces when you use it over and over again.

*Clever crafting materials work without a cutting mat, so you can just load the material directly into your Cricut Explore 3 or Cricut Maker 3 machine and go. Smart Materials come in a variety of material types, including Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-On, and Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock.

Cricut Brayer

Extend the life of your Cricut FabricGrip cutting mat with the Cricut Brayer, designed for flawless fabric application and removal. Eliminates every last wrinkle, kink, bubble, and pucker with ease. It firmly adheres material to your cutting mat and is perfect for pressing down fabric, vinyl, or iron-on, as well as inking blocks for printmaking.

Although you may not need this initially, still add it to your cart because when you start making a lot of projects, it will help the flatten the material on your mat and take the tension off of your hands.

Extra Large Scraper

Bigger is better when it comes to simplicity, speed, and amazing results! This jumbo-sized scraper allows you to quickly clear machine mats and apply larger vinyl projects to surfaces with ease. Unlike the regular scraper, this one is much larger and better for people with bugger hands- like me! The larger surface area means less time and toil when working with bigger vinyl designs. Also, quickly remove scraps and debris to prolong the life of your cutting mat. It’s an essential companion for all Cricut cutting machines.

I hope this breakdown of my favorite Cricut tools was helpful. If you need a little more help on using your Cricut, Cricut Tools, or other crafting tips, check out my other posts in the Crafting Section.

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